Welcome Bar Club H46 - "háčko"

Dear Friends and Guests,

Unbelievable as it may seem, your favourite bar at Hybešova 46 is turning twenty four this year. Yes, we have been here for twenty four years for all those who have come to like this bar and are staying faithful to us after all this time. After all, a number of short or long love stories, flirts and steady relationships in Brno have started right here…

However, our twentieth four anniversary is no reason for getting nostalgic. On the contrary, as the years have passed, your favourite bar has got younger and younger, literally. We have managed to maintain its family atmosphere, which means that our loyal long-term guests can still feel at home here, but so can who has been discovering our bar yet.

When you are sitting at the bar, at one of the tables or on one of our comfortable couches, sipping Krakonoš, Litovel or Zubr beer, or choosing from our rich selection of mixed drinks, you will never be alone. There will always be somebody to have a chat with or to get to know a little bit better… And our friendly staff will be happy to offer you the best of our many special offers and play your favourite song to which you can also watch the video on our big screen plasma TV, be it the latest hits or golden oldies. And if you happen to be a bit sad, there will always be a shoulder to cry on.

If you are having a good time, we will never turn you out with a 4 a.m. closing time and an unfinished bottle; you can go on having fun until the morning because „decent folk never go home before daybreak.“
Come and let us convince you that the oldest gay club in Brno is not only a legend but still the best place for boys who like boys, girls who like girls, and for all who don’t care what they like but like each other and want to have a great time.


Every Monday  are beers and wines all inclusive for CZK 200,-. All you can drink for one prise.

TUESDAY TILL THURSDAY – Students‘ party!

Special offers: follow the magic mirror! Students - Holders of ISIC cards or another student card  get extra discounts 20% on all!


Happy hours  from 8. to 10.p.m. – each beer 12° same price as 11° for everyone each day. Sunday´s Happy hours from 1. a.m. until to closing hours  - 10% on selected drinks. Students - Holders of ISIC cards or another student card  get extra discounts 10% on all! (Special offers are to use only by one person, it is not allowed to use it for drinks for other persons differ from the card holder.)